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Free Exercises to Help you Stay Mentally Fit

31st March 2020

Free exercises to help you stay mentally fit

During these difficult times it is vital you stay mentally fit as well as physically. Please use these simple daily exercises to help manage your stress levels and emotional wellbeing.

Stress Management Tools

Coronavirus Mind Protection

Help manage your unhelpful thoughts in these difficult times.

7-11 stress management practice

A powerful practice in response to when you are feeling stressed.

Mindfulness Exercises

New to Mindfulness? Get started track

How to prepare and get the most from your mindfulness practices.

Walking Mindfulness Exercise

Mindful walking for every day life.

Are you an Employer looking to help your workforce?

Find out how MyMindPal can help your team find their happy balance

Relaxation Exercises

Reduce Body Tension

Relax your entire body with this simple technique.

Calming Rainstorm

Calming rainstorm to help clear the mind.

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