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Is There No End To Covid?

4th January 2022

Normal is not returning

Hope and optimism for a ‘Happy New Year’ feels in doubt again as the likelihood of more restrictions loom once again.

The division in society between the vaccinated and unvaccinated is becoming ever more evident. However, a lot of the irritation and frustration people are feeling currently appears to be more directed towards the government rather than each other as we move closer to the prospect of mandatory vaccinations and restrictions on our liberties.

Basic human needs restricted

Autonomy is a basic human need. The experience of feeling that we are able to be self-initiating in our behaviour is a pillar of mental health. The latest government guidelines directly infringe upon this need.

It is now clear that those who chosen not to have the vaccine might pay a heavy price when it comes to their ability to move around and attend certain events.

Most of us now accept that the hope of things returning to some semblance of normality in the near future is less than likely. That hope is being replaced instead by uncertainty and with restrictions on our freedom.

How frustration affects the way we think

When an individual feels frustrated or angry in this way it will affect their thought patterns. He or she will inevitably become more judgmental and quick to criticize other people as their nervous system is locked in a state of threat detection. These types of thought patterns will only create further division at a time when we need more than ever to foster a compassionate understanding towards others and their choices.

The toll that these latest developments will take on an individual’s mental health cannot be underestimated. With NHS waiting lists for talking therapy becoming greater each month, organisations need to play their role in ensuring that their employees have access to appropriate mental health support.

What the expert has to say

Khody Damestani, Co-founder of mental fitness company, MyMindPal, has this to say on the subject.

“Many people seem to be feeling conflicted about taking the vaccine through fear of having their liberties restricted. We know that when individuals feel powerless in this way, it has a negative impact on the nervous system. When people feel like they have no choice but to comply they feel trapped and consequently become disconnected from their own body and from others.

Within our app we have specific exercises such as the body scan, progressive muscular relaxation and box breathing designed specifically to reconnect people back to their bodies and to calm and balance the nervous system.

Although the road ahead may be unknown, what we do know is that human beings can be incredibly adaptable to change. This ability can be further enhanced if individuals adopt mental fitness practices that allow them to bolster their ability to cope with the inevitable unpredictability of life.”

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