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Lockdown 2 Now the novelty has gone

10th November 2020

Here we go again

So once again we find ourselves in lockdown. Logic might suggest that the second time around should be easier. But there are a number of reasons why this lockdown might be even more challenging for many of us.

Firstly the novelty factor has gone. Following the initial unsettling realisation that we were entering new territory, a number of us were able to use our powers of perception to view the lockdown in a positive way.

A positive slant on lockdown

Although not all of us were able to achieve this perceptual feat some of us were able to embrace it as a rare opportunity to slow down and reset, other people saw it as the chance to reassess their priorities and values. Spending time with family, and focusing on developing new skills are just two examples of the ways that many of us chose to spend our time in the unusual situation enforced upon us.

However the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of us would have preferred not to have been in lockdown and the prospect of doing it all over again will put a huge strain on the mental health of millions.

Winter is coming

Lockdown is easier for most when the weather is good. Motivation to go for a daily walk or arrange a meeting with a friend is a lot greater when it’s not cold, dark and wet outside. Not to mention the fact that those of us that suffer with the winter blues might struggle even more than usual this year as the result of the restrictions.

There is also the additional fact that we are at a greater risk of contracting infections in the winter. Therefore the priority to focus on developing health behaviours that protect the immune system is even more important in lockdown 2.

We already know that individuals with addictions have been struggling even more as evidenced by the finding that the relapse and overdose rate has increased by 30 percent since March 2020. There also seems to have been an increase in the number of people who have been using food or alcohol to soothe discomfort and escape from negative feelings.

Protect the immune system

The Co-founder of mental fitness company, Mymindpal, Khody Damestani, makes the following recommendations.

“It is vital that we adopt the health behaviours that protect our immune system as we enter the winter months.

Exercise, healthy eating and mental fitness are the pillars of health that will allow us to do this.

Wrapping up to get fresh air and exercise, eating healthy foods, reducing alcohol consumption and taking time to relax and bolster our coping strategies are just some of the ways that we can protect our immune system.”

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